PlayStation VR’s Special Delivery to Include Aim Controller Support

In a few days MeerKat Gaming’s Paperboy style virtual reality (VR) experience Special Delivery will launch for PlayStation VR. A couple of weeks ago the studio confirmed the title would support the VirZOOM bike controller, and now MeerKat has revealed compatibility with a second peripheral, the PlayStation Aim controller.

In a couple of tweets the studio revealed the new addition to the title, saying: “#PSVR Aim Controller support is coming to Special Delivery! Deliver papers with a punch w/ the Delivery Master 2000!” When asked when that support may come the studio responded: “We’re hoping the aim controller patch will be ready day one, if not, shortly after release.”


Scheduled for release on 6th June, Special Delivery is a arcade style paper delivery videogame where players have to score as many points as possible by smashing lawn gnomes, knocking over trashcans and breaking windows of non-subscribers, whilst delivering to your actual subscribers. This is made all the more difficult by an assortment of traps including cars, dogs, tornadoes and grannies.

As players progress their round will get longer with more customers to deliver to. There are four neighborhoods to work through with a total of 28 rounds. Then at the end of each in-game week there’s the ‘Sunday Special Edition’ where players collect coin pickups to pay for all the tossed papers while encountering boss fights with the rival Daily Inquisitor delivery team.

As VRFocus has previously reportedSpecial Delivery can become even more energetic by using the VirZOOM bike controller. This $399.95 USD peripheral, which is available via the VirZOOM website, will then allow players to actually cycle round the paper routes. There’s currently no word on if VirZOOM and PlayStation Aim could be used in conjunction – to shoot those papers and then cycle away.

Special Delivery will retail for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store at launch. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.