Oculus Rift Update 1.16 Adds Mixed Reality Capture Dev Support And More

It’s difficult to show people what you experience in virtual reality – you can’t exactly share a head-mounted display (HMD) with someone, and a simple video feed on a monitor would never do the experience justice. That’s why Mixed Reality (MR) video capture is perfect, and in the latest Oculus Rift update, that’s exactly what they’re laying the groundwork for.

Mixed Reality video capture is done with simple green screen tech, showing live video feed of the user as they interact with VR environment around them, which is overlaid on the green screen. We’ve seen MR video capture many times before, and now Oculus are finally adding the necessary support to make it an option for developers.

Oculus Touch

It might be a way off yet, as developers will need to update their apps and videogames to enable mixed reality support – and Oculus Touch controllers are required too – but developers can now finally start implementing these features into their software.

Oculus are also redesigning the interface and “technical process” for updates, giving you the option to change the environment in your Oculus Home, allowing you to show friends whether you’re on Rift or Gear VR, adding support for four languages, and adding 360 degree-only videogames and apps to the Oculus Store, which will be denoted by a new icon.

On top of all that, a bug involved window scaling has been fixed.

For the full details on the patch notes, take a look at this post on reddit. For all of the latest software you can get for your HMD, make sure to stay on VRFocus.