Multiverse Entertainment Looking at Bringing Seeking Dawn to PlayStation VR & Windows MR Headsets

Another year and another virtual reality (VR) filled Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has now passed, but the news keeps on coming. Multiverse Entertainment the developer behind upcoming HTC Vive and Oculus Rift title Seeking Dawn has indicated to VRFocus that plans are underway for PlayStation VR and Windows MR versions.

When asked about possible support for other head-mounted displays (HMDs) during an interview at E3, Freeman Fan, Multiverse Entertainment founder said: “We’re also talking to people at Sony and Microsoft to bring the game to PSVR, and Microsoft MR, Windows MR.”

Fan went on to add: “I’m not actually 100% sure that I’m allowed to say that, but everybody knows the headset is coming out and well…we’re talking to them. It’s not confirmed.”

Seeking Dawn screenshot

With Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR leading the way in terms of headset sales it’s no surprise that Multiverse Entertainment would be looking at support for the headset to maximise sales. Seeking Dawn features multiplayer co-op so if it goes ahead cross-platform support might be an option.

Far more interesting are the plans for Windows mixed reality (MR) HMD support. Recently Microsoft has been showcasing more and more of the headsets – set to be built by manufacturers like Acer, HP, Asus and Dellrevealing what the motion controllers will look like, and that they’ll be part of a $399 USD bundle due for launch later this year.

What hasn’t been revealed is a possible content lineup – the company has shown how the tech works – but no developers have officially been confirmed. While Fan does point out that nothing is set in stone just yet, at least he’s one of the earliest to mention the possibility of support.

Expect more developers to be coming forward and revealing their plans for Windows MR in the coming months – especially with Gamescom 2017 coming up in August – so keeping reading VRFocus for further updates.