Linden Lab’s Sansar to Showcase two Museum Experiences at Sotheby’s NYC The Art of VR

It'll also be shown at VR in the Sky at the One World Trade Centre.


Starting tomorrow Loot Interactive’s The Art of VR event will be taking place at Sotheby’s NYC. As part of it Linden Lab and Suzanne Lloyd will be debuting two virtual reality (VR) experiences, The Apollo Museum and the Harold Lloyd Stereoscopic Museum, both of which have been built utilizing Linden Lab’s new social VR platform, Sansar.

In the Apollo Museum, visitors can virtually explore true-to-scale models of the Saturn V rocket, Command Module, and Lunar Module, then walk the entire mission from launch to re-entry via a Museum-length mission map; and teleport to a recreation of the Apollo 11 moon landing site. For those unable to attend the experience launches for PC, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive later this year.

“The Apollo Museum that LOOT Interactive has created with Sansar is an awesome example of what social VR can bring to museums,” said Bjorn Laurin, VP of Product at Linden Lab. “Social VR lets you experience things you otherwise couldn’t, and using Sansar, LOOT Interactive has created a unique and engaging educational experience. Exploring exhibits is more fun when you can do it with other people, and it’s an incredible feeling to be on the moon at the site of the Apollo 11 landing with your friends.”


While the Harold Lloyd Museum features the Hollywood legend’s collection of stereoscopic photography. Digitised utilising photogrammetry, the virtual museum is filled with objects, videos and pictures of Harold’s lifetime achievements. Harold Lloyd produced over 200,000 3D pictures, including shots of Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, the opening of Disneyland, and more.

Suzanne Lloyd, President of Harold Lloyd Entertainment, said, “My grandfather would be thrilled to see that his time capsule of vintage 3D photography that spanned over three decades of people and landscapes all over the world is being reintroduced to the world through virtual reality. I look forward to expanding my grandfather’s library with the LOOT Interactive team for this generation and many more to come.”

“We are enormously proud to be introducing Social VR to the world with the Apollo Museum and the Harold Lloyd Museum,” said David Sterling, LOOT Managing Director. “Social VR is an entirely new type of dynamic entertainment that will entertain us and enrich our lives like nothing that has come before.”

The Art of VR takes place at Sotheby’s NYC, from 22nd-23rd June, while VR In the Sky at the One World Trade Center, runs from 12th-13th July 2017, both of which are open to the public. Click here for tickets and more info.


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