Japanese VR/MR Sword Slinging Game to Exhibit at E3

Sword fighting game Circle of Saviours by developer Fivefor will be exhibited outside of Japan for the first time at E3, where the developers will be seeking distributors, investors and international partnerships.

The Fivefor development team will be exhibiting the latest version of Circle of Saviours, which includes a playable demo with new features such as a multiplayer mode with sword and crossbow, a third-person Mixed Reality (MR) multi-angle viewer, twin MR mixer which allows an audience to watch the game being played while the player is ensconced in the virtual reality (VR) environment.

Circle of Saviours is a multi-player experience where the players need to defeat waves of monsters using sword and shield or a crossbow. The multiplayer uses an interesting mechanic in that player 1 is in a head-mounted display using sword and shield to cut down monsters, meanwhile, player 2 has an MR monitor that acts as an in-game crossbow, allowing the second player to shoot down enemies from a distance, such as flying creatures that the melee-focused player cannot reach. Each stage ends with a boss battle that the players need to team up and use combined strategy to defeat.

The title is planned for release on the HTC Vive, and there is word that a Samsung Gear VR version is also being worked on. There is currently no news on what the release date or price point will be, or if the title will be ported to any other platforms.

An E3 gameplay trailer of Circle of Saviours is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Circle of Saviours and other HTC Vive titles as it becomes available.