It’s Time for Some Multiplayer Combat as the Echo Arena Beta Goes Live

Last week, just prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 opening its doors – and between all those big press conferences – developer Ready at Dawn revealed during Intel’s conference that it’s upcoming space-based experience Lone Echo will also have an accompanying title, a multiplayer arena videogame called Echo Arena. While Echo Arena is scheduled for release next month, Oculus Rift owners will be able to get a taste of what’s to come with a free beta weekend which begins now.

Echo Arena pits two teams of five players against one another in low gravity arenas. They have to capture a disc and get it to the opposing side to score a goal with it. To make things somewhat trickier, the arenas are filled with an array of obstacles that not only deflect the ball in random directions but will also impede players movement as well.

Echo Arena new

The multiplayer is completely free to play over the course of this weekend, with the beta finishing on 25th June 8pm PT/ 26th June 4am BST.

If you do miss out then don’t worry, Ready at Dawn has confirmed that Echo Arena will be a free release for Oculus Rift users when it launches on 20th July 2017 for a limited time. And available now until release, Lone Echo can be pre-ordered for $34.99 USD/ £24.99 GBP saving 10 percent on the usual price of $39.99/£29.99.

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