Island 359 Heading to Oculus Home Next Month

Cloudgate Studios’ well received Steam Early Access launch of Island 359 has lead to a great deal of attention. Experiments with the forthcoming HTC Vive Tracker puck have no doubt helped with the studio’s agenda, but now so too will an Oculus Home release.


Island 359 - RaptorsOnTableStranded alone in the jungle with no easy way out, Island 359‘s unforgiving world can be experienced through several gameplay modes, including Mercenary mode, which sees the player follow the map scrounging for kills, and Big Hunt Mode, a stealth bow-hunt where you’re looking for the big kills of Allosaurs and Triceratops.

Island 359 will come to Oculus Home as an Early Access title next month, bringing with it a never-before-seen vicious Stegosaurus for you to dominate as you equip yourself with all of the recently added weaponry on a new valley map that requires surviving during a thunderstorm. A variety movement modes for increased controller flexibility and varying comfort and reach assist have also been added to increase accessibility.

Island 359 will be available on Oculus Home for $19.99 USD from 6th July 2017. The videogame will launch on sale at 33% off ($13.39). VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Island 359, including a new hands-on with the Oculus Home edition coming soon.