The Mechanical Room VR Is Tuned Up For Release On HTC Vive

You can’t have enough virtual reality (VR) videogames and experiences – you just can’t. VR is too much of a ripe playground for experimentation and simulating so many different things, it’d be foolish to limit yourself. That was likely MASH Virtual’s thinking when they developed The Mechanical Room VR, a collection of three VR mini-games – because three is better than one.

The mini-games you’ll find in The Mechanical Room VR are Archery, Shooting and Smash, three fairly simple games. You might’ve played similar mini-games before, but The Mechanical Room VR is still an enticing proposition, because these three games are only £1.59 GBP – only 53p each. Not bad at all.

In Archery players will take hold of an advanced bow and arrow, shooting down some robotic fiends buzzing about the room like drones. In Shooting players take up a shotgun and shoot down waves of robots while reloading and cocking the gun in a realistic way. Finally, in Smash players will wield a bat which you’ll use to smash cannon balls shot at the player away.

The mini-games each look enjoyable, and for the low price it’s difficult to argue. The game is exclusive to the HTC Vive and requires the tracked motion controllers. You can see more of The Mechanical Room VR in the trailer down below, where you can see Archery, Shooting and Smash in action.

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