Half of Developers Cite HTC Vive as Most Popular VR Platform

A report released by VRDC titled the VRDC VR/AR Innovation report compiled the results of a survey of professionals involved with the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (VR). The report showed information relating to funding, platform preferences and challenges in the market.

According to the report, the vast majority of respondents cited games and entertainment as being the current focus of their work, with 78% of professionals choosing that category, training and education cited training and education with ‘branded experiences’ such as advertising trailing behind at 19%.

When asked about what hardware was being targeting with their next work, respondents indicated that 56% were working on HTC Vive materials, with Oculus Rift next on the list at 49%. The report also indicated that platform exclusivity was becoming more common, with 31% of respondents indicating that their next project would be exclusive to a single platform. When asked which platform would be getting the exclusive title, 35% said it would be the HTC Vive. The Samsung Gear VR was also a popular choice for exclusivity, with 13% of respondents selecting that platform.

Regarding the challenges faced by the VR/AR industry, most stated that the issue of nausea and physical discomfort when using head-mounted displays (HMDs) was a prime concern, which follows the same results found by VRDC report from 2016.

Asked what were the most ground-breaking or innovative VR or AR experiences to date, experiences such as VR pain management applications and empathy-building were cites, along with well-known entertainment titles such as Pokemon Go, Google Earth VR was also heavily cited.

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