Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep Coming to PlayStation VR

Well Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) certainly knew how to make an entrance for PlayStation VR, showcasing the very first footage of Skyrim VRBut the the company wasn’t going to stop there releasing a trailer reel with none other than Square Enix’s Final Fantasy, in the form of Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep.

Set in the Final Fantasy universe, the virtual reality (VR) videogame will actually be a sort of fishing title featuring characters from the series. In it, players will be able to jump in a boat or fish from the waters edge, but being Final Fantasy there isn’t just a few fish to capture. As the title name suggests, there are much bigger creatures underneath the shimmering water, with monsterous fish and much more besides.

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep is due to launch later this year in September 2017.

Other titles to appear during the showcase include two experiences from Supermassive Games: The Inpatient and Bravo Team, and Star Child from Playful.

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