Experience Full-Body VR with Anvio VR

We’ve had a taste of room-tracking virtual reality (VR) with the likes of HTC Vive for a while now, but full-body tracking in a large, warehouse-size environment with multiple other players? That’s still been out of reach for most of us – that is, until Anvio VR stepped up to the plate.

Based in Moscow – and actively looking to expand into a city near you – Anvio VR has already seen success, declaring that the firm has already seen over 2000 guests.

In the trailer below you can see players strapping themselves in for battle, before jumping into a massive version of City Z based in Moscow, that’ll see players walking over perilous planks elevated hundreds of feet into the air, and fighting back a zombie horde on rooftops and in claustrophobic sewers.

But that’s not to say there’s not milder pursuits – you can even see players kicking a virtual ball to one another in real time, using nothing but their feet. This kind of multiplayer VR interaction has only been a dream thus far for most VR enthusiasts, but Anvio VR look to be offering an experience that’s worth further investigation.

All this freedom comes untethered too – no wires will be holding you back during play sessions, offering the most immersive possible VR experience. Anvio VR promises to “[Erase] the line between the physical and virtual worlds.”

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