Diorama Worlds Comes Out of Early Access

Virtual reality (VR) is a natural place for creations and modelling in a 3D space – using VR you can get close to the world, see that proportions are correct, and move around and interact with it as you see fit. V.A.R. Studios recognise this, have just brought their unique VR world-building game out of Steam’s Early Access.

Diorama Worlds is a videogame where you use tilesets and a variety of pre-installed to build and create 3D environments and worlds – you can even use it as a rudimentary level creator for your own videogame project, since you can import custom objects and tilesets. Players can even save and upload their creations for others to use and explore.

Diorama Worlds has pretty much everything players need to get started making animations, diorama and videogame levels straight away, as Diorama Worlds come packed with plenty of assets and characters for you to pose and model straight away.

New effects are planned for the future, with the most recent Pigeons War Effects including things such as muzzle flashes and flamethrowers.

Diorama Worlds is available on Steam now at a discount of 50% for a limited time, making this a potential bargain for those interested. Diorama Worlds in an interesting experience, one that could be perfect for those interested in rudimentary level creation, creative types or even younger or more casual players.

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