Defeat Monsters with Swords in Circle of Saviors Whilst Your Friend Provides Crossbow Air Support in Mixed Reality

Mixed reality multiplayer in Circle of Saviors showcases the potential for VR Arcades.

VRFocus covers a lot of virtual reality (VR), but has also touched on the developments in Mixed reality (MR). If you’re confused about the differences, check out this nifty guide on the differences of immersive technologies. VR is a very personal experience, once you’ve got the headset on, everything around you disappears, especially with headphones on. Your sense of sight and sound are taken away from you when you go into VR. That’s why watching somebody with a VR headset on, can be quite boring. You have no idea why they’re moving their hands, why they’re smiling or what they’re reacting to. This is more apparent in VR videogames, where a player is asked to interact with objects and their surroundings. With MR and the help of a green screen, it becomes a lot more easier to understand why your friend jumps or why they’re actively swinging their hands around and screaming.

Fivefor show off their videogame with the help of mixed reality and green screen.

MR has become essential for VR arcades to help visually show people what people are reacting to. This is what Fivefor did at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, with their videogame Circle of Saviors. Circle of Saviors is a Japanese VR/MR sword fighting videogame where you can either play a dual wielding sword fighter or a crossbow fighter who provides air support. If you were at the Tokyo Game Show in 2016 you may have seen a young school girl slashing giant monsters. The version showcased at E3 added multiplayer and drew in crowds as a young schoolgirl actress was brought in to fight monsters. This is the first time the videogame has been showcased outside of Japan and as a spectator you could watch two players dodge, attack, slash and aim at monsters both from sky and portals on the ground.

Zoom in and aim at enemies with a crossbow as player 2.


Use your crossbow to provide air support for the other player.

Hiroshi Asaeda tells Nina about Circle of Saviors, what Fivefor are doing at E3 and why mixed reality is essential for VR arcades. With the IMAX bringing in more VR experiences and the new VR Zone Shinjuku opening in Japan, consumers will become more aware of what VR is by playing them in arcades. When it comes to videogames or arcades, it’s a lot more fun playing it with friends. It will be interesting to see if more games like Circle of Saviors will be coming out to fit this niche of VR arcade videogames.

Watch the video below to find out more.

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