Cruden Release Footage of Incredible VR Motorcycle Simulator

Cruden has released the first footage of their new motorcycle simulator, the B306-HMD. The world of virtual reality enthusiasts demand the best and most immersive tech – but those wishing to be early adopters might have to put their wallets away. The B306-HMD Motorcycle Simulator is currently only for commercial use.

In the trailer below we got a good view of the motorcycle simulator in action – it’s essentially a full, life-size motorcycle, attached to multiple hydraulic bars and pressure sensors. All of the user’s motions – from tilting the handlebars to shifting his weight on the bike – are replicated in the virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display, making for possibly the most accurate, and immersive motorcycle experience available.

Curden has been working on a motorcycle simulator since 2005, with the aim to simulate motorcycles with true authenticity, requiring more complicated hardware and software than you’d find in your traditional car simulator.

The B306-HMD packs a 6-DOF motion system in hexapod configuration (please let us know in the comments what this means), depth-map sensors for rider body tracking, a steering actuator, and of course, a VR head-mounted display (HMD).

Those interested in the B306-HMD for commercial or educational use can contact Curden now for more details. Everyone else should just take a good look at the impressive trailer below.

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