Breakescape Games Launch Canada’s First VR Escape Room

Escape rooms have been all the rage lately, with those themed after your favourite franchises popping up in major cities everywhere. Escape rooms aren’t new in virtual reality (VR) either, but Breakescape Games are bringing true multiplayer escape room puzzles to Canada.

Breakescape Games is a new virtual reality startup that launched recently, with the three founders, Qi Hu, Alex Wong and Ramsay Jackson all very excited at the prospect of their new venture.

Wong believes in the power of enjoying VR with friends; “We started this company together to bring the escape room aspect to VR and have it be multiplayer and be social.”

Hu hopes VR will open up new possibilities for escape rooms; “It’s definitely the biggest and most ambitious project we’ve done for Room Escape so far[…] There’s just so many cool things in VR that we can’t do in an escape room.”

De-Composed is the VR puzzler designed for Canada’s first multiplayer VR escape room, and works with up to 6 players. In the trailer below we can see players shackled to their seats, solving puzzles together, and even wielding weapons against foes.

De-Composed looks like a truly unique VR experience, and is sure to be plenty of fun with a group of friends. The Oculus Touch offers an extra level of immersion – essential to the experience.

Hu is confident in De-Composed’s ability to be one of the best VR experiences available; “Any time you have brand new technology you have to be the best, and you might not be the best for that long, because technology moves so fast, but right now we’re confident this is the best multiplayer VR game out there.”

For more on De-Composed, take a look at the trailer below.

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Source: Ottawa Community News