Apelab and Technicolour Team For Development of VR and AR Content

Their SplatialStories platform will assist with new VR and AR development

The Technicolour Experience Center and Apelab are partnering together in order to make the future of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content even easier to achieve for new developers, with the launch of SpatialStories, a full production suite for VR and AR content. Hopefully this will ease more curious content creators into the world of VR and AR development.

SpatialStories is being launched to make VR and AR development creator-friendly, aiding the creation of both VR and AR content for a variety of head-mount displays (HMDs).

Brian Frager is the Lead VR and AR producer at the Technicolor Experience Center, and he believes education on VR and AR is the way forward; “A large part of the Technicolor Experience Center’s mission is to educate the community on this brave new world of immersive media.”

Frager continues; “In order to thrive, VR and AR must have a wide diversity of voices contributing content and pushing the boundaries of creative possibility. We are thrilled to partner with apelab on their SpatialStories platform because it promises to democratize interactive content creation and make these tools accessible to anyone with a story to tell.”

Apelab’s SpatialStories SDK is available now for Unity and offers a simple interface that eases VR and AR content creation. Using it you can create VR and AR apps from within your HMD – removing the boundaries that usually hamper VR and AR development.

Developers interested in the SpatialStories suite and SDK should head on over to their website.

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