Air Rhythm Action Videogame Airtone Available on Oculus Store and Steam Now

If you’re looking for a new virtual reality (VR) experience that’ll really send your heart rate soaring, Airtone might be just what you’re looking for. From developers historia Inc., Airtone is an aerial rhythm action game that’ll see you hitting notes while soaring through the skies.

You’ll meet Neon, a girl who was left behind on Mars, and play as her android partner collecting “Rhythm” from the world. The game promises a story mode, and collectible songs and objects to populate a home base with.

The game’s product page promises to “place you in a powerful rhythm gaming experience where you’ll feel like you’re tearing across the skies to the music.”

The only thing that might hold back some Oculus Rift owners is that the game requires motion controls to play – either HTC Vive’s Tracked Motion Controllers or the Oculus Touch controllers. HTC Vive owners will already have the necessary controllers of course, but Oculus Rift owners might need to buy an expensive peripheral to play this one.

The game is colourful and looks incredibly fluid, with worlds that bounce and pulse in time to the music – couple that with some addictive tunes and Airtone could be a great videogame for rhythm action fans.

Take a look at the trailer below to get a good idea of what flying with Neon and collecting Rhythm will be like. If you want to fly with Neon for yourself, take a look at Airtone on Steam or the Oculus Store.

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