Z Cam and Assimilate Join Forces with new Bundle

Makers of 360-degree capture devices Z Cam have teamed up with post-production software vendors Assimilate to launch a new bundle designed to make workflow for 360-degree projects from start to finish much easier.

The new workflow uses the Z Cam S1 camera to capture footage. Assimilate’s Scratch VR Z software can be used for live previews and what the film industry refer to as ‘dailies’, the data for which can be managed via an ethernet connection. Scratch VR Z uses the WonderStitch technology that stitches the footage together into a spherical image so post-production work such as editing and audio mixing can take place. After editing, the finished product that then be published online or pushed to several different 360-degree content platforms using the Assimilate software. The two companies said the workflow bundle will also support 360-degree live streaming to platforms such as Facebook Live 360.

“By partnering with Z CAM to develop and deliver the first integrated VR workflow, we’ve eliminated the hassles of working in a new technology,” said Assimilate CEO Jeff Edson in a statement. “Ease-of-use and affordability are now factors in the VR equation, which will drive the growth of VR productions, making VR/360 content a ubiquitous way to experience the world.”

The complete bundle includes the Z Cam S1 camera with lens protector, battery unit, power adaptor and cables, one licence for Z Cam WonderStich software, and an unlimited licence for Scratch VR Z, complete with support and updates. The total bundle costs $4,999 USD and is available from the Assimilate website.

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