VR is a ‘completely different canvas’ States Kojima at Tribeca Games Festival

Renowned videogame developer Hideo Kojima has been continually effusing his interest in virtual reality (VR) for several years now – he posted an image of himself using the Oculus Rift DK1 back in 2014 – without ever confirming plans to actually build a VR title. While that’s still the case he attend the inaugural Tribeca Games Festival last week for a keynote conversation with The Game Awards producer, Geoff Keighley, and naturally VR came up.

The interview covered a range of topics, ranging from Kojima Productions Death Stranding, through to movies and more. When asked about VR Kojima said: “Game creators that have always been creating games have a specific approach, the approach they take is very different. VR experience that is made by someone who has always, for example, worked in documentaries is very interesting.”

Kojima at Develop - Brighton

“Games and movies have always had this fundamental difference that is being interactive or being non-interactive, but with VR and AR I think there’s a place where they do overlap”, he continued. “First, photo has always been something that’s been a frame. A painting has always been a frame. 130 years ago the Lumier brothers created movies also that was in a frame. So the media so far has always been about what kind of information you can put in a frame. This goes the same for games, they’re interactive. In a first-person shooter, you can move around, but it’s still about what kind of information you can put inside that frame.”

“When it comes to VR/AR, you lose that frame. It becomes something completely different. It’s about how you can put this information in a completely different canvas, in a completely different way. That goes for games as well as videos. That’s something I’m very excited about.”

“It’s not about shooting something, its about a 360-degrees environment and what the artist will put in there and how the artist will convey that, that’s whats being questioned right now, and that’s what I think is very exciting.”

Checkout the interview below (at 05:30), and if Kojima does decide to delve into VR development VRFocus will let you know.