Voxel Shot VR to Bring a Cartoon Apocalypse to HTC Vive

Japanese studio SAT_BOX has announced its latest virtual reality (VR) title for HTC Vive in the form of Voxel Shot VR, a zombie-themed first-person shooter (FPS).

Featuring some retro-themed voxel graphics, Voxel Shot VR, is a lighthearted take on the undead apocalypse with some (not that scary) zombies to mow down. Armed with a selection of devastating weaponry, including a Minigun, Uzi, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Rocket launcher and a plethora of grenades, there are four stages to work through, City, Desert, Base and Airport.

Voxel Shot VR image 2

A solely single-player experience, its not just the average shambling corpse players have to deal with, giant zombies, helicopters and tanks are also thrown into the mix for good measure. For unlimited gameplay value an Endless Mode is included, and there’s a global leaderboard for players to compare their stats.

Voxel Shot VR will be SAT-BOX’s third VR release on Steam with its previous releases being VR Sports and Samurai Sword VR. All three have been published by Degica Games which is behind Sayonara Umihara KawaseHead It!: VR Soccer Heading Game, Destroyer and Muv-Luv VR.

At launch on 19th May, Voxel Shot VR will retail for $12.99 USD on Steam with a 25 percent discount.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of SAT-BOX and Degica Games, reporting back with all the latest updates.