UziGames’ Futuristic Shooter Cyberdrifter Hits Stream Early Access

Today, independent videogame developer UziGames will be launching its second virtual reality (VR) title on Steam Early Access in the form of Cyberdrifter, a futuristic arcade shooter for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch support.

Designed as a fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) with full locomotion controls, Cyberdrifter puts players in a Tron-like virtual world where an AI has gone rogue and they need to regain control. As an early access release, today’s launch will feature a playable tutorial, opening level, and one fully completed level with a boss fight at the end.

Cyberdrifter image 2

UziGames is run by solo developer Scott Wilson. He plans on keeping Cyberdrifter in early access for around six to eight months, with a further five levels due to arrive in that time. When fully released Wilson states in the game listing that: “I intend to have around 10 levels in the full version which will include more enemies and bosses. I am also considering a multi-player component, a leaderboard and voice-over.”

Cyberdrifter takes a completely different approach to UziGames’ first VR title Marlene which launched last year for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. This was a psychological horror experience with players having to figure out environmental tasks and puzzles as they searched for the protagonists niece Marlene at a remote cottage. This release was Act 1: Betwixt, so further additions are expected.

No price is yet listed for Cyberdrifter but Wilson will be keeping it low for early adopters of the videogame. As is quite common with early access titles, this price will increase as development continues and more content becomes available.

Checkout the first trailer below, and for further updates on Cyberdrifter, keep reading VRFocus.