Time Is Running Out To Apply For OZO Storytellers

Nokia’s OZO range of professional virtual reality (VR) cameras are among the best-rated products for capturing high-quality 360-degree and VR footage, but that high quality comes at a significant price that makes it out of reach of most users and even some companies. However, Nokia does offer support to the aspiring VR content creator in the from of the OZO Storytellers program.

The Nokia OZO Storytellers program allows successful applicants to purchase a top-of-the-range OZO+ camera for $25,000 (USD), which is a significant price cut from the usual retail price of $40,000. In exchange for the price cut, members of the OZO Storytellers program provide VR content captured with the OZO+ and provide feedback on Nokia’s products and services.


By sharing VR and 360-degree content with Nokia, it allows aspiring content creators to share their work with a broad audience of Nokia partners as well as consumers. In a blog post about the OZO Storyteller program, Nokia said: “In order for VR to truly succeed, we want as many creative visions as possible to be realized through the power of our technology. That’s why today we’re also introducing the OZO Storytellers Program — to help more content creators make amazing VR content, and put OZO+ into more talented hands who will take it to places no one’s ever been before.”

Nokia are only accepting applications into the OZO Storyteller program up until the 18th June, 2017, so time is running out for those who wish to apply. Applications can be made through the Nokia OZO website, with terms and conditions being listed as part of the applications process.

VRFocus will continue to report on opportunities for VR content creators.