There Aren’t Enough Statues Celebrating Women, AR Project ‘The Whole Story’ Is Looking To Change That

Statues don’t often make the news beyond the story of their reveal or their vandalism, although that certainly has not been true within recent weeks. Perhaps the story with the widest global coverage was that of the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue which appeared opposite the ‘Charging Bull’ statue of Wall Street, appearing to be facing the bull down.

It sparked off quite the debate, partially as intented for it was installed in honour of International Women’s Day and was part of a push to employ more women at a senior level within New York’s financial district and beyond. It, and other stories, also inadvertantly highlighted something somewhat connected to the lack of equality, historically, in the US and elsewhere – there is a distinct lack of statues of famous women.

A new augmented reality (AR) project by the Young & Rubicam Group (Y&R) called The Whole Story is looking to redress that balance in locations where there is no female representation by adding AR statues of famous women.

Users are able to design a statue using their own software, upload it and then place it using The Whole Story’s partner app. The app then stores this point and it is added to the map of statues added to the augmented world. Users are then able to view the statue, and bio of the subject’s accomplishments with their phone like it was really in place at the location.

The app is free to download for both iOS (via the App Store) and Andoid (via Google Play), and there are already statues in parks and public places in New York, Chicago, and even outside of America in Milan, Italy according to the website, where you can find more about the project.  You can also see a video below of the app in action.

VRFocus will bring you more news on the creative uses of both AR and VR technologies and further updates relating to The Whole Story as we get them.