SUPERHOT VR goes Classical for its HTC Vive Launch Trailer

If you didn’t know already SUPERHOT VR launched on HTC Vive this past week, ending its exclusivity with Oculus Touch. The team behind the award-winning title naturally released a new launch trailer to promote the title, taking some classical music and mixing the slow-motion action into one awesome video.

VRFocus readers should know what SUPERHOT VR is all about – there have been plenty of articles on it – but essentially its a first-person shooter that’s entirely in slow-mo, only when a player moves do things start to speed up. So this means lots a Matrix style bullet dodging as they shoot enemies, or grab an ashtray or bottle to fling in their faces.

All of which is beautifully surmised in this new trailer, showcasing the inventive use of ranged and melee options to work through the levels. Enemies only take one hit to kill but the same goes for you. If that happens you’re sent back to the start of the level to try (and try) again. The HTC Vive release also includes the SUPERHOT Forever update that includes more content to flesh out the videogame further. These include the 10-minute Challenge which requires the entire experience to be completed in that time frame.

Checkout the trailer below, and for any further updates to SUPERHOT VR, keep reading VRFocus.