Step Back In Time In Singapore’s National Museum Thanks To Google Tango

Times change, even for buildings and organisations whose entire purpose is chronicling the passing of said times. Nothing stays the same, even for museums. Exhibits change, are moved, the museum itself evolves. Now thanks to Google Tango visitors to one museum are getting the chance to travel back in time to see how things used to look.

The museum in question is the National Museum of Singapore who have teamed with Google and tour guide firm GuidiGo. Using scans taken by Google utilising the area learning capabilities of Tango the team has created a number of locations in the building where visitors, provided with a Lenovo Phab 2 Pro for their free hour long tour, can use it to see an augmented reality (AR) view of how things used to look. Even allowing them to take photos of exhibits that aren’t even there anymore.

Speaking to The Straits Times, Museum Director Angelita Teo explained the move. “The emergence of digital and future technology has opened many doors for museums worldwide and we now have the opportunity to redefine the conventional museum experience. Enhanced architectural tours will enrich our visitors’ experience of our stories and their connection to the past”.

Tango will no doubt be a major focus of Google’s I/O event later this month. For all the latest news be sure to check back with VRFocus.