Review: Term1nal

Another solid title from the Force Field VR team.

When you think of cyber crime – hackers infiltrating government institutions, banks, multinationals and so on – it likely equates to people sat behind a monitor going through lines of code, which doesn’t exactly make for a gripping videogame. So developers have thought of numerous ways to make the process far more interesting and engaging for the average player. Force Field VR, the team behind Landfall on Oculus Rift – has come up with an approach that mixes current tech with future tech in Term1nal, its first virtual reality (VR) title for Samsung Gear VR, and a cracking one to boot.

Term1nal is essentially a third-person stealth videogame for the mobile headset. Your task is to infiltrate a giant robotics corporation using one of their own robots, and download some data for the client that’s hired you. The entire title is viewed from CCTV cameras for a constant overhead  viewpoint, apart from when you have to interact with terminals to hack, at this point Term1nal goes first-person.

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The experience is essentially split into two, there are the environment puzzles to navigate and the terminal puzzles. As mentioned this is a stealth videogame, so you’re completely unarmed throughout the entirety of the experience. Running around the levels you’ll need to avoid stationary gun emplacements, flying drones and walking robotic guards, each has a viewable area which if breached means you’re going to get shot (which restarts the area). So it’s basically a case of duck and cover, using the environment to block enemies gaze, or dive into a locker to avoid being seen.

Not particularly amazing until the introduction of a small dog named R.EXE, who’ll be your companion on this journey. With the addition of your four legged friend, Force Field VR has ensured that wherever you go a challenge will await, and commanding the pooch takes as much thought as the puzzles themselves. R.EXE can pickup several enhancements on route that can disguise you, lure a robots attention away or simply stun them to get by. This means at points you’re constantly multitasking between controlling yourself and the dog on the more complicated puzzles later in the videogame.

It’s this interaction that sits at the heart of Term1nal, and makes for a fun experience. The terminal puzzles – of which there are four – consist of connecting green power nodes, matching up grids of numbers, disconnecting wires and hacking a location by holding down a button for a certain length of time, are basic and easily solved. Even towards the end of the title the main difficulty increase tends to be time, so there’s nothing fiendishly tough that you shouldn’t be able to crack on the first or second attempt.

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This is a linear, story-driven experience however. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does mean longevity does suffer to a degree. Featuring 12 missions, Term1nal is an enjoyable experience from start to finish. In fact you probably won’t notice the time fly by and complete it in one run though, over the course of around 3 hours or so. That might put some people off, wanting more gameplay for their money but hopefully it won’t. Term1nal showcases Force Field VR’s knack of creating a solid VR experience that’s a delight to play, making it a worthy addition to anyone’s Gear VR library.

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