Membit Announces First AR Hall of Fame at AWE 2017

First indunctees for AR Hall of Fame will be announced on 1st June, Membit looking for more nominees.

Augmented reality (AR) app creators Membit have today announced that they are launching the first Augmented Reality Hall of Fame at Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara today. Those chosen to be inducted into the AR Hall of Fame will become part of the Membit AR experience for people visiting the hall at AWE and remain there for future visitors.

Some of the first inductees will be unveiled tomorrow at AWE 2017 by the CEO of Membit, Jay Van Buren. Attendees at AWE who have the Membit app will be able to search the app for the Hall of Fame hashtag to see the AR Hall of Fame across the front entrance of the convention centre.

The Membit app allows users to create an image to leave at a location for other Membit users to access and enjoy. The app uses a proprietary ‘Human Positioning System’ to allow users to create and share AR images without need for markers. The app can act as a kind of AR time capsule that allows users to revisit the past through Membit images that other users have left behind.

The creators of Membit believe that AR has become an important part of communication and are committed to developing the medium further, with the AR Hall of Fame being part of this aim.

“This is an open call to others who want to help, we are only aware of parts of the story. We propose that we induct 5-10 people each year into the Hall of Fame and we are forming a group to administer it, to take in nominations and have a vote each year.” said Membit CEO Jay Van Buren. “We are starting this Augmented Reality Hall of Fame but we need the entire technology and business community to participate!”

Jay Van Buren will be speaking on the Membit app and AR at his talk at Augmented World Expo on 2nd June, which is titled ‘Annotating the World with Human Positioning System’.

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