Life In 360°: Tokyo In The Stars

If you look up into the sky at night you will, hopefully be able to see stars. Suns that are millions and billions of light years away. Burning balls of gas that, for all you know might not even be there any more. Their light having taken so long to reach Earth.  Of course you may not be able to see taht many stars due to light pollution from buildings, which would be a shame.

What if though, when you looked up they weren’t stars. What if when you travelled through space you didn’t journey to other worlds. It was just the light from the buildings after all. What if the stars were parts of the city suspended in the big black beyond. What would that even look like?

Well, we have something of an answer for today’s Life In 360° video courtesy of Japanese design studio WOW inc., who have taken the sights of Tokyo where they are based and weaved them into a 360 degree video full of skyscrapers, convenience stores and train station platforms. Called Tokyo Light Odyssey, the video was created following a company project known as “‘Beyond Motion Graphics”, the goal of which was to look into the potential for new forms of motion based art.

And they’ve succeeded, because I honestly don’t know of any other way to describe this particular video other than pure art. Even Vimeo, where the video is held, have awarded it Best of the Month status. You can see the video below, VRFocus will of course be back on Friday with our final Life In 360° for the week.