It’s Time to Hunt Some Alligators With Dick Wilde

If you like your virtual reality (VR) shooter fast and furious then¬†Bolverk Games’¬†Dick Wilde¬†might be just what you want. Released in March for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive the first-person shooter (FPS) takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to killing waves of enemies and VRFocus writer Peter showcases what the videogame is all about. ¬†

Themed on the American deep south, you play as the titular character¬†Dick Wilde,¬†who’s been hired to rid some swamps of some nasty creatures. Whether they’re¬†alligators, piranha, electric eels, insects or birds, they all want to bite, sting, and generally hurt you anyway they can.

VRFocus¬†reviewed¬†Dick Wilde for launch, saying: “Technically Dick Wilde¬†is a well put together experience, the action is fast, fluid and fun. There‚Äôs never a moment where it feels sloppy or hamfisted.”

Checkout the gameplay video below, and for further updates on Dick Wilde, keep reading VRFocus.