It’s Time to Hunt Some Alligators With Dick Wilde

If you like your virtual reality (VR) shooter fast and furious then Bolverk Games’ Dick Wilde might be just what you want. Released in March for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive the first-person shooter (FPS) takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to killing waves of enemies and VRFocus writer Peter showcases what the videogame is all about.  

Themed on the American deep south, you play as the titular character Dick Wilde, who’s been hired to rid some swamps of some nasty creatures. Whether they’re alligators, piranha, electric eels, insects or birds, they all want to bite, sting, and generally hurt you anyway they can.

VRFocus reviewed Dick Wilde for launch, saying: “Technically Dick Wilde is a well put together experience, the action is fast, fluid and fun. There’s never a moment where it feels sloppy or hamfisted.”

Checkout the gameplay video below, and for further updates on Dick Wilde, keep reading VRFocus.