Horror Adventure Gates Of Nowhere Coming Soon for HTC Vive

SYMMETRICAL an Italian indie developer has teased details for its first virtual reality (VR) title, a dungeon crawling D&D inspired adventure called Gates of Nowhere.

Design specifically for VR, Gates of Nowhere is reminiscent of videogames like Skyrim and Dark Souls, dark, brooding tales of ancient knights fighting against evil beasts and dangerous creatures. Played entirely inside a dungeon, you have no recollection of who you are or how you got there.

Whilst Gates of Nowhere is a fantasy adventure unlike other titles of this ilk it contains no magic whatsoever. You can make consumable items – for example healing or fire – but these are only come from chemistry rather than some mystical potion. As such the weapons are also grounded in reality – no fireballs or electricity arcing from your finger – so swords, axes, crossbows, flail and other such weaponry will be on offer.

Gates Of Nowhere image

As with any VR title in which you need to venture about movement is crucial. For this SYMMETRICAL has chosen to go with 3D avatar teleportation mechanic – a method seen in title like Gunfire Games’ From Other Suns – where you direct a ghost-like version of yourself with a pointer, before teleporting to that finish location. As seen in the demo video below this also means that when small gaps have to navigated you’ll need to crouch down to get the avatar through.

Gates of Nowhere will stretch across four huge levels The Awakening, Through the Dark, Waterworks and At the Gates. When the title arrives on Steam Early Access the first two areas will be available, with the others unlocking over time. In an email to VRFocus SYMMETRICAL states that the entire videogame should offer around three hours of gameplay.

While HTC Vive is the main platform for Gates of Nowhere the studio also plans to port the title to PlayStation VR – there’s no word on an Oculus Rift version.

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