Google Expeditions to get AR Support This Year

Google’s I/O conference this week has got off to a sensational start in terms of virtual reality (VR) announcements. The company has revealed work on a new Daydream standalone headset that’ll be made by HTC and Lenovo. It also had news to share regarding augmented reality (AR), revealing that its Expeditions initiative will be bringing AR into the classroom.

As with all things VR and AR related, Google’s vice president of VR, Clay Bavor made the announcement earlier today, calling it the ‘ultimate show and tell.’ Expeditions has allowed students to take virtual field trips using Google Cardboard without leaving the classroom, with Google claiming 2 million so far. With the AR functionality students will be able see objects come to life in the class as well.


Bavour explains in a blog posting: “One of the areas where we’re most excited to apply Tango technologies is in the classroom. More than two million students have taken virtual field trips with Expeditions using Cardboard, and this fall, we’re bringing AR lessons to schools through our Pioneer Program. With Expeditions AR, students can gather around the Statue of David, a strand of DNA, or even a whirling Category 5 hurricane without leaving the classroom.”

Aside from Google Expeditions, but still looking a Tango, the company revealed that the ASUS ZenFone AR, set to arrive later this summer, will be the first smartphone to include the second generation Tango platform and the new Visual Positioning Service (VPS). This helps devices quickly and accurately understand their location indoors, kind of like GPS does outside, so users can be directed to what they’re looking for.

Checkout Google’s demonstration video below, and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.