Gameplay: Less Room Escape Than Box Escape in Statik

There are quite a few puzzle games available for various virtual reality (VR) platforms, taking various forms from stacking blocks to defusing bombs. PlayStation VR users recently got the chance to add another example to add to their collection with the launch of Tarsier Studios title Statik.

Statik puts the player in the role of a test subject whose hands are imprisoned in a box. Using the various controls present on a dual shock controller, the player must then use logical and lateral thinking to decipher the clues both on the box and around the room and solve the puzzle.

VRFocus writer Rebecca Hills-Duty recorded some footage of her attempt to solve one of the puzzles, the fiendish ‘phone dial’ box. You can watch her efforts in the video below.

Are there any other VR videogames you would like to see the team take a look at? Perhaps you’d like to watch an entire let’s play of a certain title? If so, let us know in the comments.