Fly to the Moon and Beyond with Spacetours VR Now on Oculus Home

Want to travel to space? Well currently there’s no easy way – unless you’re really loaded – to do that in real life, but with virtual reality (VR) there a plenty of options available. Launched back in March, Spacetours VR – Ep1 The Solar System enables you to travel to our closest planetary cousins on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Originally exclusive to Steam and Viveport, developer Vibrant Visuals has now released the experience on Oculus Home through the Gallery Apps section.

Featuring all eight planets in photo-realistic detail, created from NASA and ESA/O images along with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Spacetours VR – Ep1 The Solar System is an interactive learning app where you can freely navigate the solar system at your leisure.

Spacetours VR by VibrantVisuals - KEY VISUAL

With full motion control support for Oculus Touch, you can select planets to go to or even pick them up in the palm of your hands in gentile surroundings with calm relaxing music playing away.

Spacetours VR – Ep1 The Solar System retails for £7.99 GBP on Oculus Home with Steam selling the experience for £6.99.

There are plenty of space-based apps and videogames available for Oculus Rift depending on how interactive you want the experience to be. Discovering Space 2, VR2 Space, Mission: ISS, Apollo 11 VR, Star Chart and ADR1FT are just a few examples.

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