Fantasy Monsters Invade AR In Monster Buster: World Invasion

Lithuanian developer Tag of Joy brings AR monster fighting to iOS.

With the success of Pokemon Go bringing augmented reality (AR) to the attention of the mainstream, it was inevitable that there would be new titles seeking to build upon that success. Independent Lithuanian developer Tag of Joy are seeking to do just that with the upcoming release of Monster Buster: World Invasion.

The concept behind the title is that monsters from a parallel invasion are trying to invade Earth. Unable to be seen normally, players must take on the role of ‘Monster Busters’ who use their smartphones to discover and battle the invading creatures along with the help of some friendly monsters. Players can choose an initial monster partner from Bo, Elefuntik or Slender to help them as they seek out 40 other monsters lurking in hidden places.

“We’ve planned on launching Monster Buster: World Invasion on iOS since its release on Windows phone”, said Šarūnas Ledas, CEO at Tag of Joy. “As Pokemon Go pushed the bar higher than it’s ever been for Augmented Reality games in 2016, we’ve overhauled the combat system, improved monetization and refined the quick fight mode to launch the ultimate edition of Monster Buster: World Invasion.”

Each monster has its own unique set of moves that can be further modified as it gains experience and levels up. While certain types of monsters usually only spawn in certain outdoor locations, the title will contain a ‘Quick Fight’ mode which will allow players to fight nearby monsters without needing to go and hunt them down; useful for those who are unable to go out and find them. Quick Fight mode, however, doesn’t allow the discovery of new monsters, but does allow collection of loot and experience.

Monster Buster: World Invasion will be available for iOS devices on 24th May. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Monster Buster: World Invasion and other AR titles as it becomes available.

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