eMagin Show Off New OLED VR Display

The eMagin Corporation are one of the current manufacturers of OLED displays for the type used in virtual reality (VR) devices and other imaging systems. The company have announced that they are working on a new OLED microdisplay which will be showcased at the SID Conference in Los Angeles later this month.

Dr Amal Ghosh, Senior Vice President of R&D at eMagin will be demonstrating the new product, a full colour 2000×2000 pixel OLED display which has been documented to produce over 5,000 nits, a figure which far exceeds the generally accepted threshold for VR/AR display requirements. The company claims that the display is capable of producing high peak luminance , wide dynamic range and high frame rates.

The device will be demonstrated on 23rd May in the Technical Symposium and again during the Market Focus Conference on 24th May. Dr Ghosh will also be available to discuss the technology.

“The development of this display is a significant step towards eMagin’s commitment to be a leader in the OLED microdisplay industry,” said Andrew Sculley, eMagin CEO in a statement. “We believe the performance of this display surpasses anything in the market today by a wide margin. It is drawing tremendous interest from the consumer VR and AR industry where high brightness and high resolution are the key requirements.”

The new display is currently in prototype phase, but certain selected customers are receiving shipments of the device for testing and development.

The SID conference is due to take place from Sunday 21st May – Friday 26th May at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Further information and tickets are available through the official website.

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