Double Play: VR Baseball Steps Up To The Plate

Earlier today our regular Saturday sports feature brought you news of how one Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise is trying to bring the experience of being a player to it’s fans through a virtual reality (VR) experience on the HTC Vive at their stadium.

Blue Newt Software on the other hand are hoping to bring you the chance to play baseball from the comfort of your living room with a new videogame Double Play: VR Baseball. The title which, pits two players against each other in local multiplayer in the role of either batter or pitcher in the great American pasttime with the videogame’s A.I. manning the field.

Critics might say the look and play style has more than a touch of Wii Sports about it, but it is rare indeed to see a local multiplayer title for HTC Vive. The game using a singular HTC Vive set, with the batter taking the head-mounted display (HMD) and one of the controllers with the second going to the pitcher who uses a monitor. This is demonstrated in the trailer below.

Whilst VR titles are not requiring of going through the process, Double Play: VR Baseball is currently going through Steam Greenlight and its product page can be found here. VRFocus will be watching to see if there are any further developments with the game and if so we will update you.