Developer Profile: Kenzan Studios

Kenzan Studios are a Swiss company focused on creative content, including AR and VR experiences and videogames.

Kenzan Studios, based in Geneva, Switzerland, was founded in 2006 by Pascal Conicella. Having begun as a company the developed showcase materials for retail environments, the studio has since grown to encompass a number of different technologies. The latest of which is virtual reality (VR), including the recently revealed Kenzan Arena franchise.

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Backed by the success of the hugely popular Teo and Leonie franchise, Kenzan Studios’ prototypes for augmented reality (AR) and VR technologies and experiences lead to two investment rounds in 2016, totalling $9.87m USD. The company now employees more than 40 professionals across its two locations, ranging from creative directors and developers to visual artists and animators.

Kenzan Studios was awarded a grant from Epic Games for “outstanding work”, and featured at SIGGRAPH 2015, the Hollywood Summit 2016 and Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Conference & Expo 2017. The company’s latest project, Kenzan Arena, will feature as part of Coop’s 2017 Virtual Reality Roadshow.

The aforementioned Teo and Leonie franchise has already benefited from AR experiences, with more content on the horizon. The recently announced Kenzan Arena franchise will bring large-scale multiplayer VR to consumers across the globe, which has already begun with installations in Coop venues across Switzerland.

Kenzan Studios currently has a number of VR projects in development, including Holiday Break VR, Starpirates VR, EnigmAttic VR and The Lost Pit. You can find out more about these projects and the company’s VR ambitions in the links below.


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