Canadian Coke Bottles Get A Touch Of Musical AR For “Play a Coke”

Returning campaign brings music with an AR twist - literally.

The US might be a hotbed of activity where virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is concerned – evidence of which is often seen in Sunday’s regular The VR Job Hub feature on VRFocus – but America’s nothern cousins are no slouches either. Canadians have a lot going on with both VR and AR too at the moment. Indeed, this weekend saw Vancouver host to this year’s CVR event, the biggest VR and AR conference in the country. Other examples are Samsung’s investment to create more and bigger Experience stores, likewise CTRL V are rolling out a chain of VR arcades across the country. Whilst other social projects are already using to the technology to help educate.

Now as part of a returning marketing campaign Play a Coke, Coca-Cola and Spotify have teamed up to give Canadians a taste not only of cola and music but of AR as well. Originating as a team up with well known AR advetising and marketing company Blippar back in 2014, which involved specially printed cans. The current iteration sees users able to download an app from either the iTunes or Google stores in that on seeing a promotional label on a Coca-Cola or Sprite bottle plays one of 189 Spotify playlists such with such names as BBQ Time and Nothing But Net. Once unlocked the user can save th playlist and enjoy it for the length of the Summer.Not only that, but users can change the track simply by twisting the bottle around. With additional album art for the relevant tracks also displayed in the space surrounding the bottle on the app. You can see an example of an earlier version of the app in action in this YouTube video from 2016. According to Coca-Cola they expect to produce thirty million bottles for the Canadian market during the 2017 version of the campaign.

Speaking on Play A Coke’s return, Coca-Cola Ltd’s Vice President of Marketing Michael Samoszewski said, “Music is a universal language that brings all of us together, no matter our culture or background. I’m thrilled we’re bringing back Play a Coke and making it even better with an amazing selection of new moments to make summer occasions even more memorable and fun. It’s a fantastic way for Canadians to enjoy ice cold refreshment and share their personal favourite soundtracks to summer.”

Now in its fourth year, it is likely one of if not the oldest recurring advertising campaign utilising a form of AR and continues a growing trend of advertiers looking to both AR and VR as ways to connect with their paying audience. Not including Play A Coke, Coca-Cola have been involved with both technologies previously. VRFocus will bring you more news on ways AR and VR are being used in the field of advertising as we get it.

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