Big Fish Games Renames Galaxy Golf ‘Moonshot Galaxy’ Ahead of PlayStation VR Release

Big Fish Games, a producer and distributor of casual videogames for PC and mobile has announced that Moonshot Galaxy a virtual reality (VR) that previously launched last year under the name Galaxy Golf will be coming to PlayStation VR.

Created by Big Fish’s newest internal studio, Liftoff Labs, Moonshot Galaxy is an interstellar golfing title where players navigate challenges in four branches of the universe in this puzzle adventure.

Moonshot Galaxy

“For our debut in VR development we wanted to make a game that took full advantage of what makes VR different from traditional games. VR provides depth perception, so it’s great for exploring spaces and understanding the dimensionality of the world and using that understanding for gameplay,” said Mars Jokela, Director of Liftoff Labs in a statement. “We wanted it to be mellow and accessible, low pressure, and where reaction time wouldn’t be a factor. Moonshot Galaxy has a friendly pick-up-and-play design which makes it an excellent choice for newcomers to VR.

“We also wanted a game that was highly replayable and challenging to master. We added a ‘Pro Mode’ to offer more game time to seasoned VR fans and trophy hunters. I’m thrilled to bring Moonshot Galaxy to PS VR and I think players will find it an innovative and fun addition to their game collection.”

Galaxy Golf originally launched for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. Players who bought that iteration of the title will automatically receive the full Moonshot Galaxy update as it goes live on each VR platform.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Big Fish Games, reporting back with the latest updates.