Axes At The Ready For Viking Rage

Developer N-Gon Entertainment invite players to raise their drinking horns and quaff their mead in celebration of the release of virtual reality (VR) tower defence game Viking Rage on Steam.

Viking Rage puts the player in the shoes of a Viking, fighting to defend a stronghold against hordes of rampaging trolls, kobolds and other fantasy monsters. At the players disposal are an array of weapons such as axes, longbows, bombs, crossbows and traps. There is an element of strategy in that the player can lay down traps to take the enemy by surprise, and it is also possible to teleport around the area to find the strategically advantageous high ground.

After a certain number of enemies are defeated, ‘Rage Mode’ becomes available for activation, which is essentially a super mode that allows the player to tear through enemies with ease.

That’s not all that is available, though. Several mini-games are included, such as ‘wolf golf’ where axes are used as golf clubs and wolves are golf balls, there is even a leaderboard so players can compare their wolf golf scores with their friends. In addition, there are many secrets and easter eggs hidden within the game to players to discover.

The title is out now on Steam for the HTC Vive, where it is available there’s a limited time 10 percent discount in celebration of the launch until 5th May. This brings the price down to £12.23 (GBP) where it is usually priced at £13.59. The development team say they are still working on adding new features to the title, such as new weapons, levels and enemies.

Further information can be found on the official Steam page. The launch trailer is available to watch below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Viking Rage and other HTC Vive titles when it becomes available.