AR and VR Playground to Debut at Augmented World Expo

The Augmented World Expo will be taking place soon in Santa Clara, California and the conference organisers have announced that the first AWE Playground full of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences will debut at the event.

With the aim of eliminating barriers between consumers and experiences, the AWE Playground has almost two dozen of the VR/AR industries companies contributing experiences. The playground features a variety of experiences covering areas such as art, cinema, travel and videogames and allows attendees free access to experiences that might otherwise be unavailable to them.

The available experiences include:

  • Mixed Reality and 3D experiences from Microsoft
  • Globacore’s Free Roam VR “The Yolodeck”
  • meleap’s social AR and wearable tech enabled Techno Sport “HADO”
  • Epson + DJI + Edgybees new drone based AR gaming platform
  • Hayo’s Virtual Remote Controls for your Home
  • Zenka’s AR art, featuring fire breathing dragons
  • Quantum Capture’s Virtual Humans
  • PuttView’s AR Golf Practice
  • Skullmapping/TableMation’s “The Future of Dining – Le Petit Chef” Table animation
  • UC Davis’ Original AR Sandbox
  • Lowe’s Holoroom
  • Global Imagination’s VR 360 Sphere
  • Exit Reality’s Mobile VR Truck
  • Motive.io’s Mission to Mars Scavenger Hunt
  • HoloCap’s hologram-sharing kiosk
  • Rogue Reality’s mixed reality teleportation experience
  • Interaxon’s (makers of Muse) debut of brain platform and biosensing VR integration

“Since 2010, AWE’s mission has been to drive adoption of AR and VR, and the only way to learn about it is by experiencing it,” said Ori Inbar, co-founder and executive producer of AWE. “To help AR and VR penetrate the general market, we decided to put together a collection of experiences across different aspects of life, in a playful and accessible setting.”

The Augmented World Expo will take place from 31st May to 2nd June 2017 in Santa Clara, California and will feature speakers from Microsoft, DAQRI, IBM, Dell Oculus and Niantic. Further information and tickets are available at the AWE website.

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