Antycip to Launch VT MAK’s new VR Engage Engine at ITEC 2017

Tomorrow, ITEC, Europe’s largest military simulation event in Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands, will open its doors for a three-day conference and Antycip Simulation, specialists in COTS solutions for the military simulation industry will be showcasing VT MAK’s new virtual reality (VR) Engage engine.

As the exclusive partner in Europe for VT MAK, Antycip Simulation will be demoing the company’s VR Engage solution and its approach to the role player station (RPS) arena. Able to be customised by end users, VR Engage is designed to maximise training, allowing elements of scenarios to be automated until the key point where human control is required. When the personal interaction, which also serves to make the training more real, is no longer required, the trainers can revert that element of the simulation to automatic mode so that new tasks can be picked up and training effectiveness increased.

VT MÄK 2014Chris Waldron, Antycip Simulation’s area manager for UK, Netherlands and Nordic, said in a statement: “VR Engage is an open architecture COTS system, built on VT MAK’s VR-Forces and VR-Vantage software which means: credibility, performance, capability, support, a development roadmap, genuinely customisable and genuinely capable out of the box. It is both complimentary and a unique capability that will integrate to provide a part of, or a full tailored solution, with one or many products from our other partners.”

VT MAK’s VR Engage solution is just one of several training products Antycip Simulation will be showcasing at the event, but it’s the only one that utilises VR.

While the revival of consumer VR is relatively new, since the technology’s emergence in the 90’s it’s never gone away with companies working with VR for the last couple of decades, mainly on the military side. ITEC 2017 will feature several sessions focused on the subject of VR and augmented reality (AR), with DIGINEXT hosting a talk called ‘Virtual and Augmented Reality for Maintenance Operations Support and Training’ highlighting its Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT), an application aimed at increasing trainees’ efficiency while reducing content production costs. This type of military tech can now be found in the enterprise sector, with ScopeAR’s WorkLink platform for Microsoft HoloLens a recent example.

ITEC 2017 will run from 16th – 18th May, for any further updates keep reading VRFocus.