A Smashing Time In Blobby Tennis

For today’s gameplay video, VRFocus is heading to the beach with a tennis racquet and a weird red blobby thing for a spot of tennis. Game place today comes courtesy of VRFocus staff writer Peter who is playing the HTC Vive version of the title.

Blobby Tennis is a physics-based tennis game which eschews realistic opponents for a purer experience of pitting the player against a featureless red, jelly-like blob. The setting is a bright, sunny beach populated with palm trees and sand dunes which puts you more in mind of beach volleyball than tennis.

VRFocus reviewed Blobby Tennis recently, giving it a reserved two stars, saying: “But this doesn’t help in the fact that apart from having a rally, bouncing the ball on the racket, or just randomly trying to hit things – there’s an achievement for hitting the radio – there’s just not a lot to keep you playing for any length of time. There’s no score board, no multiplayer or even a different location, just you the blob and a racket.”

There will be more gameplay videos available later in the week from VRFocus.