$2.1M Seed Funding Secured By Antilatency

IIDF VC funds push to market mobile VR tracking solution 'ALT'.

It may not be close to the $400m investment announced earlier today by developers of the Unity Engine, Unity Technologies. But another virtual reality (VR) company has cause to celebration today after it became the latest to reveal seed funding success. 

Antilatency, which works with positional tracking for movile VR, announced it had received over two million dollars in funding in its latest fundraising efforts from IIDF VC. Funds that will be used to help bring it’s mobile VR and augmented reality (AR) solution to market the Anti-latency tracker (ALT). Which will also be at not only the forthcoming CES Asia event but this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) both of which will be next month. A demo was first shown at VRLA earlier this year.

According to the copany, which operates in both America and Russia, ALT “allows [the] user to walk around with mobile VR as opposed to existing solutions which only work with head rotations.Other benefits include movement prediction with compensation of rendering lags, wide tracking zone, multi-user mode, and outdoor functionality.”

“Inspired by the idea of a perfect tracking system, we’ve spent over two years of research on hardware, software, math algorithms, and industrial design. Today our team is testing early prototypes and our dream is close to coming true.” Explained Antilatency CTO Petr Sevostianov. “Virtual Reality powered by our tracker gives a miraculous sense of complete freedom, without wires and dizziness. And now we want everyone on the planet to be able to experience the same virtual reality as we do.”

A comparison infographic on ALT’s capabilities, according to Antilatency.

IIDF also explained, via representative Ilya Korolev their reasons for investing: “Virtual and augmented reality is a cutting edge niche demonstrating the capabilities of advanced technologies. As the global number of active virtual reality users is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018, the industry needs the solutions to improve the user experience. We are happy to support Antilatency in bringing innovative ALT: Anti-latency tracker to the market.”

VRFocus will be bringing you more details on the ALT as it and Antilatency continues their journey.

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