x24 and x6 Facebook Surround 360 Camera’s Revealed

The main Facebook F8 keynote may have been full of surprises but the company has kept some more for today. CTO Mike Schroepfer has taken to the stage to announce two updates to the Facebook Surround 360 camera, the x24 and x6.

Schroepfer didn’t reveal many details for the two new cameras but from the images on show those numbers relate to the amount of lenses each device has. The lenses have been systematically placed to allow for maximum pixel overlap, this should help ensure that when content is stitched together – the most complicated part of the 360-degree process – those image lines are invisible.

Facebook Surround 360 F8

The original Facebook Surround 360 featured 14 cameras around the middle, 2 underneath and one on top with 4-megapixel lenses. This was open sourced so that anyone could build the device just by purchasing the correct components.

With the x24 and x6, Facebook looks to have created far more high-end, retail focused products. The x24 is certainly the professional-grade version, likely competing with rivals like Nokia OZO. While x6 will probably aim for the prosumer  end of the market like the Vuze VR Camera.

No prices or availability have been announced, just that the cameras will launch later this year, either to buy or rent.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of F8 and the new cameras, reporting back with any further updates.