Wevr Captures Performance by David Choe Band Mangchi in VR

Capturing live music in 360-degrees is not always easy. For many, the equipment needed can get in the way, or the speakers, amplifiers needed by the band obscure the image. Artist and performer David Choe defied those constraints to help Wevr capture a live performance of his band Mangchi.

Though Choe is mostly known as an artist and painter, he is also a musician and has assembled a talented group, including renowned Beastie Boys keyboardist Money Mark to join his punk band Mangchi. The 360-degree video of the performance not only captured the musical performance, but also Choe’s pre-performance ritual where he paints on the bodies of the other band members.

“I’ve been doing music my whole life,” Choe says. “I was in bands in high school, but was always there waiting for four other guys to get their shit together. I think because of my narcissism and ego, I went into art, and music became a hobby. So we just put this motley crew of weirdos together. And we’re making music just to make music.”

The team from Wevr said they knew immediately upon meeting Choe that they wanted to work with him. Wevr say on their blog: “Historically we have been reluctant to capture live music performances due to visual constraints. Choe assured us we would have total freedom and we went for it. The resulting 360° experience depicts Mangchi’s pre-performance ritual where Choe paints the other musicians conveying the feel of ancient warriors preparing for battle.”

“It’s very ritualistic before each show, where we just hang out and put on makeup and joke around,” commented Choe. “I really think Wevr capturing that in VR caught this weird intersection in our lives. I want people not to be scared and to be free. If you’re an artist, you just go for it.”

“We are convinced David Choe can bring something totally unique and vital to immersive experiences,” says Wevr co-founder Anthony Batt. “He is an artist in the most literal sense, where his vision is not confined to any one medium. He has a curiosity about the world that we find exhilarating. And whatever trip he wants to take, we want to be there to document it.”

The Mangchi Live at Viva Pomona 360-degree video is available for download via the Transport VR platform.

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