Warner Bros. File Patent for AR/VR Movies

System described in patent filing would function for both theaters and home cinema.

Entertainment giant Warner Bros. have filed a patent for a technology that allows for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology to be utilised in movie theatres and at home.

The patent filing from Warner Bros. Entertainment describes a system that will allow movie goers to experience VR and AR content at the movie theatre in a similar fashion to how 3D films are currently handled. However, unlike 3D movies the new system is designed to be compatible with Netflix and iTunes for home use.

As reported by Patently Apple, HoloLens and other commercially available headsets are mentioned in the patent filing, and the filing further says that the system will work with headsets powered by either ARM or Intel processors. Though it is implied that next-generation headsets will be needed to implement most of the technology described.

With the specific mention of iTunes and Netflix, it seems likely that the system will work with live streaming of entertainment and rely on 5G networks to support the amount of data that will need to be streamed. 5G networks are due to begin rolling out in 2018, and speculation has already begun on when the system described in the patent filing will begin implementation.

It is not known at this stage if implementation of the system will mean that cinemas will be handing out headsets the way 3D glasses are currently distributed for 3D movies, or if there will be a ‘bring your own device’ solution in place for VR/AR content. Both approaches are likely to bring their own share of hurdles to overcome.

VRFocus will bring you further information on the potential new Warner Bros. System when it becomes available.

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