VRobot Stomps onto Steam Early Access

Virtual reality (VR) developer Luden.io, the team behind inMind and inCell, has today launched the studio’s latest title, VRobot, on Steam Early Access. The videogame casts the player as a giant robot with the singular goal of making the world a better place, by way of total destruction.

VRobot screenshotThe videogame sets the seen for explosive mayhem with humans having built a Giant Robot to help them clean and reclaim their cities. However, something has gone wrong and the robot views the quickest way to achieving its goal as destroying all the cities, driverless cars, ships and robots.

Players of VRobot will have an arsenal of weaponry at their disposal, collecting special devastating tools like the Tractor Beam or the Tornado Maker as they attempt to be the most accurate or the most crazy cleanup machine. Special buildings in the city will offer a score bonus as you attempt to ‘clean’ the city as fast as possible.

Available now via Steam Early Access, VRobot is compatible with both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The videogame is priced at £10.99 GBP, with a launch discount of 15% available until 27th April 2017. VRFocus has plenty more coverage of VRobot coming soon and will keep you updated with all the latest details from Luden.io.