Viveport SDK Updated, Adds Unity Developer Features Including User Profiles and Achievements

Today the HTC Vive team has announced the release of the latest Viveport software development kit (SDK) (v 1.5.1) for developers. With it, studio’s will be able to improve their videogames, learn more with stats and possibly earn more money.

The new SDK is geared around developers who use Unity – and there are quite a few – so that anyone using the middleware will now have access to several new features. These are User Profiles, Stats & Achievements, Leaderboards and In-App Purchases. The big inclusion – for users at least – are the achievements. These can aid player retention, challenging gamers to build and max out their achievement lists, keeping them playing for longer.


Leaderboards can now be added, displaying global and local rankings, and in-app purchases offer studio’s a way to further monitize their titles through sales of virtual goods or new content directly from within the experience.

While it’s only Unity that’s currently supported the Vive team has stated the features will be brought to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine as well, just not when it’s likely to happen. For developers who want to learn more about the new updates, head to the Viveport SDK Guide.

Additionally, a VR Ad SDK has also been launched. Announced at the Vive Ecosystem Conference,  the VR Ad Service allows for ads to be implemented within content which users can engage with, supposedly without compromising the experience. Although at present, the service is only available for apps and videogames distributed in China.

One service HTC Vive wants developers to use is its Viveport subscription if they want to earn more. Today’s blog posting notes: “Ensuring we find new ways to drive awareness and generate incremental revenue to your apps is our priority and we invite those with paid apps to opt in to the program through the developer console.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of HTC Vive and Viveport, reporting back with the latest announcements.