Steam Greenlight’s DYSTOA Planning Future VR Support

The beauty of video games is that they can come in all shapes and sizes, from massive open world adventures to intricate little brain teasers. Studio’s are consistently striving to develop them as not only forms of entertainment but expressive pieces of art, that provoke thought alongside wiling a few hours in a virtual world. Steam’s Greenlight has allowed many indie developers to showcase their work and gain community support, and Onevision Games is looking to do just that with its surreal exploration title, DYSTOA.  

The studio describes DYSTOA as a: “poetic, and minimalistic exploration game as it is an homage to the beauty of life and death and thoughts from one or another world.” Adding: “On your way through this world, you will discover obscure secrets and forgotten places while following a trail of lyrical whispers. Many surreal encounters are awaiting you in this vast land.”

DYSTOA screenshot 1

A purely story-driven first-person experience, DYSTOA is currently being built as a standard video game but Onevision does plan on adding virtual reality (VR) support as development continues. It has yet specified which head-mounted displays (HMDs) support will come to.

Aside from a few screenshots, the studio has released an early teaser video for the project, showcasing the ethereal, almost dreamlike aesthetic of DYSTOA. Mixing between stark black and white imagery and pastel colours with relaxing ambient music, the trailer doesn’t seemingly detail any gameplay, rather switching between various landscapes that blend from post-apocalyptic to verdant, animal rich vistas.

Checkout the first trailer for Onevison Games’ DYSTOA, and for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.